2013. február 9., szombat


Dear Non-Hungarian Friends,

I need your help.

I am participating on a competition with my blog.

If I arrive to be in the first 50 most voted participants, my blog will be read by the jury. This is my goal. If they read it and like it, they might help me to earn some success and/or money with my hobby.

Please help me by voting on my blog as follows:

Please click HERE.

Now you will see a hungarian page :)

Please click on the pink button "Szavazok" and wait until a small pop up window informs you about the successfull voting.

Now you should not see the pink "Szavazok" button anymore but "Erre már szavaztál" instead. In this case you were successful and helped me to stay in the top 50.

Thank you a lot! :D

Sometimes the voting button does not work. Please keep trying! :)

DEADLINE:    17 February 2013      23:59

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